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Bookkeeping is the accurate recording of all of your financial transactions, eg sales income, expenses, purchases etc.  I work with Dext which is an excellent app that allows you to submit your paperwork to me using your phone, email or PC.

Regular bank reconciliations mean that your business bank account is correctly mirrored and reconciled in the accounting software. You can then be sure that all expenses have been recorded which in turn means they will all be claimed!

When your bookkeeping is kept accurate and up-to-date through the year, vat returns and year end accounting can be carried out with the minimum of queries and delays.

Moore to Bookkeeping provides professional Bookkeeping services in and around Salisbury, including:

  • Recording business transactions
  • Reconciling bank account
  • Preparing and submitting vat returns online
  • Credit control
  • Preparation of end of year accounts
  • Self assessment tax returns




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